The same technology that is used to dry cod might be useful for storing tissue in biobanks. Photo: Thinkstock

From dried cod to tissue sample preservation

Could human tissue samples be dried for storage, instead of being frozen? Researchers are looking at the salt cod industry for a potential tissue sample drying technology that could save money without sacrificing tissue quality.


Stealth medicine

Using nanocapsules containing cancer drugs, researchers have succeeded in attacking tumours with surgical precision. One of the ways to manufacture such capsules is with minute droplets of super glue.

Solfanger Enova

Idealistic Norwegian sun trappers

The typical Norwegian owner of a solar heating system is a resourceful man in his mid-fifties. He is technically skilled, interested in energy systems, and wants to save money and protect the environment.


Ebola’s deadly toll on healthcare workers

Ebola’s deadly effects on the Sierra Leonean healthcare community not only has repercussions for the delivery of health care now, but on the training of future health care providers involved in an innovative Norwegian surgical training programme.

The Norwegian Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted thinks that the current system catering for visually impaired pupils is not good enough, and that action should be taken to provide individual students with a better foundation for success. Photo: Thinkstock

Education vital to the visually impaired

A brand new survey has revealed that education is important for getting the visually impaired into work. This challenges the current situation in which partially sighted students are now exempt from several upper secondary school subjects.

Rolls Royce har laget skisser over førerløse skip, men sålangt har ingen konstruert skipet. Det vil ta mellom ti og tjue år, tror forskerne. Ill.: Rolls Royce.

Ships without skippers

A 400 metre long vessel moves slowly across the dark sea surface. There is no one at the wheel. It is quiet on the bridge. There are no signs of life in the engine room or on deck. A scene from a horror film or science fiction, perhaps? No. This is the bold aim the EU project MUNIN is working to achieve.

The Towing Tank's opening ceremony in 1939. Photo: Schrøder, Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum

The Towing Tank turns 75

NTH, Norway’s first technical university and one of the main predecessors to NTNU, SINTEF and MARINTEK, opened in Trondheim in 1910. Just three years later its scientists began to think very big – 170 metres big.

Forskerne Live Eikenes og Per Arvid Steen med PET MR-maskinen. Foto: Geir Mogen, NTNU

The cancer that kills men

Severely ill prostate cancer patients are helping researchers test a diagnostic tool that involves injecting a radioactive substance into their bodies. Norway has the fifth highest mortality rate for prostate cancer in Europe.

Photo: Per Harald Olsen

Beautiful, but blacklisted

If you have this beautiful flower in your garden, you should uproot it before the seed pods explode, releasing thousands of seeds. It spreads like the black plague.

We know that hormone mimics are harmful to us, and that they don’t break down naturally", says Per Stenstad.  They  accumulate in waste water and soil". Photo: Thor Nielsen.

Capturing false hormones

They damage our ability to reproduce, and they pollute the natural environment. Yet chemicals known as hormone mimics can be found in consumer goods. Eventually they end up in our water. But we now have a way of capturing them.

helikopter, GPS

Preventing air accidents

A Norwegian, satellite-based system aims to ensure that helicopters and light aircraft are prevented from colliding with power lines and other obstacles.