Ikkje eingong ketsjupen slipp
unna politikk. W-ketsjup blir lansert som det patriotiske alternativet til Heinz, under slagordet «You don’t support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?»

Presidentkandidat John Kerry er nemleg gift med ketsjup-arvingen Teresa Heinz.
Foto: Scanpix

This handout photo received 09 July, 2004 shows a bottle of » W Ketchup». The product is made in the US and the letter «W » stands for Washington. Americans allergic to the subtle Democratic flavor of Heinz ketchup can now plunge their «freedom fries» into a 100-percent guaranteed, patriotic alternative: «W Ketchup.» «You don’t support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?» says the W Ketchup Internet site, which promises a totally US-made condiment, right down to the bottle. Heinz ketchup is an institution on American dining tables. But the taste has soured a little for Republicans because Heinz empire heiress Teresa Heinz-Kerry is married to US presidential candidate John Kerry, the Democrat hoping to unseat George W. Bush — also known simply as «W» — on 02 November. AFP PHOTO/HO